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Here you can follow the restoration (live !), of a Dyna Z1 1954 all alluminium by Jan :


Nov 7th 1998 2H00 PM
Nov 7th 1998 10H30 PM
Winter 1999
May 1999
June 1999
July 99
August 99
October 99

Since summer 2000, one of Jan's son, Marteen, has decided to continue the story of the restoration on his homepage.
So click on the following link to see the next episodes :



Description of the car

The car is a Dyna Z1 type, all aluminium body, build in 1954 (the exact date has been lost in one of the certificate of title changes). It has never been restored, body and mechanics are complete, but need a serious restoration due to the years attack ! However, the body is still in good shape, with no big bumps, only scratches here and there, and obviously no rust ! The engine is not blocked, and still "breathing", indicating that both the pistons and valves are still working.

Saturday, November7th 1998, 14h00: the transport.

The car has to travel from France to the Netherlands, for about 600Kms; Hopefully, the car is very light: less than 700Kg ! It is secured firmly on the trailer, and the "suicide" doors are tied one door to the other to avoid them opening during the travel, as the locks are defective.

Saturday,November 7th 1998, 22H30 : the arrival.

The dyna has now found a new home ! Now the next it will leave, it will be like brand new !

Winter 1999 : dismantle

The Dyna is being thoroughly taken into pieces : doors, hood, engine, interior; the clutch is separated from the engine. The first pictures can now be shot,
as the weather gets better. Theses pictures will also be useful later on when re-building the car. Its time to evaluate the difficulty of the restoration, and to
make a first restoration plan.

The photos were taken by Maarten van Druten.
- Minolta dynax-700 with  a 50mm f1.4 andTamron 28-200 Aspherical LD lens
- fuji NPH 400 and agfa portrait 160 films.
- f 8.
- scanned with a cannon 2700F film scanner.

Front view
Front view, without hood
Side view
Side view, without hood
interior view
Dashboard view
Gearbox view
Engine compartment view
Front supension view
Clutch view
A little housework
rear view of engine

May 1999 : Engine cleaning,  fisrt restorations, first parts buys

Restoration plans for this summer are : complete engine restauration with the help of the dutch panhard club.


lights restauration
restoration of the rear and side lights(detail)
different parts of one side light
window mechanism has to be unrusted
exhaust cannot be restored
parts bought the 8 may on the auto moto retro in Douai
parts bought the 8 may on the auto moto retro in Douai
cleaning the engine with petrol
scraping the rust of the engine
valvepart of the engine
Jan enthusiastically cleaning the engine !
cyclinder heating boxes
 polishing the aluminium bumper with steelwool (1)
polishing the aluminium bumper with steelwool (2)

June 1999 : Engine dismantle

Our chief restorer is never idle: the engine is almost completely dismantled ! Examination reveals no big problems, but the main part is still not taken apart : the crankshaft, which will be done in the next weeks...

Marteen has spoiled himself with a new digital camera : a sony mavica FD91 !
All pictures are shot in the highest resolution: 1024x768, quality setting: high, with F8.
All the pics are straight from the camera, not enhanced. (except: 02 engine side)
The webmaster apologize for the high level of compression that spoil the great work of Marteen....

cleaning the cylinder
side view of engine block
connecting rod detail
cylinder side view
inside the cylinder
flywheel removed
timing cover removed
front of the engine with cover removed
flywheel !
close-up from the engine with flywheel removed
gearbox axle needle-bearing (shot with 14x optical zoom)
gearbox axle needle-bearing (shot 5cm from object in wide setting)

July 1999 : On the restoration again ...

What does Jan do for his holidays ?? he works on his panhard !! Never tired, he has already restored the starter motor, and is now getting rid off the rust on the front subframe, cleaning the crankshaft and restoring the carburator : good work Jan !

carburator: inside view, one part has to be changed
cleaning the crankshaft with a needle (very important !)
crankshaft timing gear in excellent condition
dashboard: to restore during the winter period
close up front of the car
the car is getting shorter and shorter
timing gear: this gear will be replaced by a dural aluminium gear (important)
cleaning the sub-frame (action photo)
completely revised engine starter
topview of steering mechanism and hand brake : still some work to do !
Jan : mister rust-buster himself in action !

August 1999 : windshield washer mechanism

Dismantle of the windshield washer mechanism and his motor: something seems to resist, and finaly the axle breaks; the broken axle (threaded part) should be extracted. Some other metallic parts are unrusted :  door handles basis plates and handbrake handle.

winshield washer system dismantle (1)
winshield washer system dismantle (2)
what's wrong with this washer mechanism ?
what is going on in there ??
is it for today or for tomorrow ?
it finally did come off !
motor on the left , mechanism on the right
axle broke at dismantling
threaded part of axle extraction
cleaning the plate of the mechanism
door handles basis plates (closeup)
door handles basis plate given some zinc spray
ignition system restored
unrusting the handbrake handle (1)
 unrusting the handbrake handle (2)

October 1999

The parts that have been dismantled are being restored or bought when it is possible if the original part is not restorable.
Admire the impressive restoration of the
window mechanism to compare to the original : original mechanism.

The succes of all restoration depends on a minimum of order and method, and Jan knows this for sure, as he labels and stores carefully each dismantled part !

The difference between a quick restauration and a "concours" restauration can be seen in details, sometimes invisible details !
By the way, take a look to the way the
pedal mechanism and the gas filter have been restored !

A little information for the curious : The logo "M" on the pedal mechanism is the mark of the Montupet foundry, with which Panhard was working since the manufacturing of the aluminium parts of the Dyna X

Here is the complete list of the pictures taken this month :

unrusting the hood base
looking for the right spring
labelling and storing parts
polishing the pedal base
window mechanism restored
detail of the pedal base
new headlight bought at "Villers en Gauchies"
front suspension apart from the rest of the car
the car after one year of restoration
gas filter looking brand new !

December 1999

Jan is now restoring the gearbox, starting with a good clean:


gearbox, dirty sideview 1
gearbox, dirty topview
gearbox, dirty sideview 2


gearbox, cleaned sideview
gearbox, cleaned front view 1
gearbox, cleaned top view
gearbox, cleaned front view 2
gearbox, cleaned bottom view
Jan cleaning his gearbox

Other parts are also cleaned, sanded or changed:

front break
aluminium engine support
alluminium fuel intake
misc. (hand break, spring axles, etc...)
intake tube and flanges

February 2000

The gearbox is drained. Then it is dismantled.

Release of the drain cap 1
Release of the drain cap 2
close-up of the cap 1
close-up of the cap 2
cap cleaned
gearbox outlet (to drive shaft)
gearbox outlet (detail)

Some pictures of the front suspension are taken before its restauration. (you will see the same parts after restoration in the next episode...)

Front suspension, without springs
right propeller shaft 1
right propeller shaft 2
left propeller shaft
wheel flask
left pivot 1
left pivot 2

Jan carry on with the restauration of the electrical parts (indicator lights)

indicators (detail 1)
indicators (detail 2)

May 2000

Some parts have been purchased :

Robri aluminium parts.
Robril detail
Commodo (grey on Z1)
Brake switch
Windscreen wipers and hood hinge slots


The restoration of the front axle is still going on, the parts are now cleaned:

Drive shaft and spindle.
drive shaft and hub 1
Drive shaft and hub 2
Drive shaft, spindle, bearings base and hub
Detail of the bearings base and its (old) grease seal
Detail of the bearings base, as seen from the wheel.